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Fashion and textiles news: Fabric trends SS 2017 (last part)

Discover the best of fashion and textiles news Spring/Summer 2017, including colors, fabrics, accessories and manufacturings.

This post is dedicated to those working in the fashion industry and textile industry, particularly for Fashion Designers, Stylists, Fabric Designers and Clothing Companies.

Bellow you can find complete guide of fashion and textiles news divided into four articles:

ABISSI: Depth as an inspiration.
NATURA E ARTIFICIO: A mosaic of real and artificial geometric landscapes.
PSICO BIT: A hallucinatory trip into arithmetic progression.

And the last theme to be discussed today: AFRICA PUNK: Primitive and natural urban fabric.

Each article contain the essential directions and the material needed to create a fashion collection or any creative working within the fashion industry for Spring/Summer 2017.

Fashion and textiles news, information about seasonal fashion fabrics and accessories:

AFRICA PUNK, it is the black magical and sensual Africa, with its amazing sunsets and its big contradictions. A powerful universe in terms of charm and of impact on reality. There is no room for romantic and heavenly visions; intensity originates from the force of nature, the struggle for survival and from black, the color symbol of punk catharsis.


YELLOW EMPIRE, TANGO RED, TEA ROSE, JELLY BEAN and CUBAN SAND are among the range of colors.
Natural and warm tones, often accompanied by black and white, that work as detail or


The distinctive feature is the large fringe as a decorative element, a result of twists and manufacturing.
These twists are a huge mix, obtained by chromed rubber cables and multi-colored ribbons, transparent or lurex, inspired by the world of sport.
Sequins are made of leather and overlapping micro and macro prints, influenced by the world of African clothes.
Feathers are also present as decorative elements as well as natural fabrics, like cotton and silk, rendered more precious by print and plasticization of the fringes.
And if the unavoidable animalier is made up of embossed patchworks with a pop influence, the shimmering python echoes from the depths of the forest while the printed and striped plissé is soaked with African


The accessory becomes an essential ornament. Hence, a selection of macro buttons characterized by scales overlappings, small decorative details and metal inserts.
The same method of overlapping is carried out for trimmings: ribbons are large-mesh, black base, alternating bright colors.
The fringe is printed and heat-welded on raffia, or polished as something rich but aggressive.
Studs are made of plastic and silicone in full and matt colors.
Zips, strictly jacquard style, enhance the research uniqueness by becoming a decorative element of any type of garment.
Decorations are macro and are made of metal elements and giant pyramidal studs.
The labeling widely uses new materials such as stone, seasoned wood or is interrupted by lacquered and leather inserts.
Safety pins, the typical decorative punk item, won’t be missing, but will be enriched with African beads. fashion-and-textiles-news-ss-2017-by-paola-castillo-3


Graphic elements are coated, as if they were made of tar, to express a more metropolitan and punk concept of exoticism.
Stripes combine with ethnic prints to give birth, however, to jacquards of feathers or ethnic graphic patterns.
Patterns and geometry are embossed with pointed finishings and 3D sections to enhance the warlike vocation of this trend.
The tribal-style tattoos are a source of inspiration for decorative metal elements applied on mesh.
Fabrics are manufactured by hot printing with studs and animal prints and fluorescent hear-welding twist to form a luminescent weft made of rough fabric and

With this post we finish the fashion and textiles news for Spring / Summer 2017 so, we made a full and detailed path that will allow us to develop new ideas for our future collections.

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