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Creado el October 3, 2014 por Paola Castillo

How to Draw Fashion Sketches With Markers

Tutorial step by step to guide you how to make a fashion illustration.

This video will show how to make an illustration with using markers. With my guide you will learn my techniques to have fantastic results in the elaboration process and final presentation of your designs. If you want to master it be sure to experiment and practice as much as you can.

For this tutorial I chose to illustrate “Sapphire” design bag, icon of 2014 Melissa collection made ​​by Gianfranco Lotti (a historic Florentine brand dedicated to luxury leather goods).


Following you will find the technique I used‏:

Step 1

I began preparing a general sketch where I made calculations of dimensions and distance of each element. In this case I used a mechanical pencil (but you can use pencil ref. 2B) and white paper sheet 120 Gms‏.

Step 2

Then I make a copy of first sketch directly on the final paper and use a smooth drawing paper 220 gsm. This allows me to work with markers with no ink dispersion or transferred from front to back of paper. To make this copy I use a rule to improve the lines and to calculate the distances and measures perfectly.

Step 3

Now I have transferred the design, it’s time to paint the base with the lighter color using a marker Copic Sketch Color E21. Every time I stuff a section of design I immediately make the shadows using color marker E34 first and then color E35. Finally, to illuminate specific areas I use zero “0″ marker (Colorless Blender – Copic Sketch).

Step 4

After covering the largest spaces with markers I paint the small details using a Promarker Y717 marker (Pastel Beige), it helps me to imitate gold colored metal trimmings. Then, for darkest areas I use E47 color Copic Ciao marker.

Step 5

Finally, to give greater definition and fix any imperfection, I use black fineliner marker No. 3. Then I use black and brown color pencils for final shadows.

Enjoy it creating and painting your own fashion sketches.

Have a nice day and thanks for visiting my blog!