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Creado el July 2, 2014 por Paola Castillo

Men’s Swimwear and Beachwear Trends for Summer 2014

Summer is on, the season more bright, warm and funny, so I wanted to take the opportunity to design some swimwear and beachwear exclusively for them.

As a Fashion Designer, I would love to have the opportunity to attend all specialist trade fairs of my interest, to obtain the best information on the latest trends and be able to develop my collections with all the inspiration required, but unfortunately as a Independent Freelance Professional, often is not possible to enter these events owing to several factors, so I decided to resort to a plan B…, I have chosen to analyze and reinterpret the male outer apparel fashion shows of most representative Brands along with some images of accessories and looks of Street Style Trend 2014.

The key is to identify and decipher the most representative concepts, let’s see how:

The first mooboard is characterized by being the most fun and energetic group. It show us clothes with gradient effects mixed with graphics screened and electric colors mixed with fluorescents. The technical drawings I made, are inspired by the relaxed aesthetic of the surf and the cuts of sports apparel, ideal for those youth who are seeking functionality and comfort in their clothes. Moreover, the geometric patterns, gradient and color blocks were mixed together to  to camouflage itself and create unique pieces that give an effect of  patchwork manufacturing.

1 mood - TREND Men's SWIMWEAR & BEACHWEAR S-S -14 by Paola Castillo

In the next moodbard we find vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction stripes, these are inevitable within our collections no matter the direction or thickness of them, these are often mixed with overlaying flowers of different styles and sizes and which in time playing with blocks of color in the cuts. In this case the technical drawings are influenced by a retro silhouette, dedicated to the men who seek to maintain a personal and casual style.

2 mood - TREND Men's SWIMWEAR & BEACHWEAR S-S -14 By Paola Castillo (2)

The next moodboard is characterized by the style of the army, a constant concept renewed of menswear. A theme through the years is maintained and on this time it do it along with a sexier fit together tight t-shirts and small details in belts, applications and fringes of color. For the realization of technical drawings the style is a little more aggressive and structured, defined by the use of zips, laces, simulation of epaulets, snap buttons, bellows pockets and camouflage prints.

3 mood - TREND Men's SWIMWEAR & BEACHWEAR S-S -14 By Paola Castillo

Finally we found the ethnic look mixed with a trend that could not miss in my proposals for moodboards, I mean a concept very recently divulged to internal of the collections different brands and also in Street Style, which consists of unusual combinations of clothing and accessories with different textures and prints (it seems very risky but in fact the results are not so wicked and may even become very successful, creative and inspiring). As for the realization of the technical drawings, it was based in a relaxed and loose silhouette (which prevails the comfort), accompanied by the mix of ethnic prints, tribal elements, flowers, earth colors, handmade ornamentation and artistic decorations.

4 mood -  Mens SWIMWEAR & BEACHWEAR trends of S -14 by Paola Castillo

As we can see, men’s fashion continues to evolve every day to develop a clearly defined identity, thus it has extended and diversified the market and, in turn, has gained ground within the public. Therefore, I think this is very interesting to let our imagination and creativity when designing new proposals.

Winter clothing and accessories that inspire my sketches of the summer season. The ethnic look is a trend that can not miss in my proposals, because it is a subject full of prints, flowers, earth colors, handmade decorations and artistic embellishments. Soon you’ll find the post with the trends of men’s underwear.

I hope this post serves as an inspiration or reference point for those people who are in some way related to the fashion industry, remembering that if we can not visit the specialist trade fairs, this should motivate us to look for practical and effective solutions when making our fashion collections.

Have a nice day and thanks for visiting my blog!